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Cut the skin to the bone

Fall asleep all alone

Blinkish photos
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Hey, welcome to Blinkish photos! This commutiny was made to share the thons of Blink 182 photos that are out there. We all know we like to share photos and also we love to find more photos.

+ To Join
You just need to fill the application, that comes UNDER the lj cut (if you don't know what is it, use the FAQ). As you get accepted you can post all the photos you want and have fun!

+ Rules to the members
. Don't EVER post large pictures without the lj cut.
. If you're taking the photo, at least comment on the post.
. No writing like this: AaAaAhHh!!11!! MaRk LoOkS sO FrIcKiN' YuMmI! AaAaAhH!!111!!one. Never.
. Only post entries with pictures from Blink 182 or the band mates. Never post an entry with just news, or just comments from a song or whatever. This is a photo community.
. Entries with icons, colorbars and banners RELATED to Blink 182 are allowed.
. Slash, kinky, s&m pictures are allowed. And very welcomed! ^-^
. Once you joint it. Pimp it!
. Have fun!

+ Application

+ Name:
+ Age:
+ Location:
+ 5 favorite bands:
+ Favorite Blink 182 member and why?:
+ What do you think would happen if Scott Raynor never left the band?:
+ Favorite Blink 182 photo:
+ Post (at least) one picture of yourself:

+ Your mod

Thanx to xcacophony for the icon! <3