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+ Application

+ Name: Maddie
+ Age: 15
+ Location: Sydney Australia
+ 5 favorite bands: Blink 182- Taking Back Sunday- Nirvana- Yellowcard and Led Zeppelin
+ Favorite Blink 182 member and why?: Tom-- he's so sexy and i love his voice-- its so amazing and deep and drives me insane. and yesterday i touched him!! :D:D i was at this thing in sydney and he signed my fone and i touched him!! :D i  was like.. totally estatic. wait.. i still am!
+ What do you think would happen if Scott Raynor never left the band?: i dont think that Scott was as such a talented drummer as Travis is.. all three componants of who blink 182 are today could be totally different to back in the day. but i still dont think they'd sound as good wit out trav ;)
+ Favorite Blink 182 photo: that really recent one of them up on the site.. the one thats like the i miss you film clip.. its so totally sexy.. the one with trav with his head forward and marks holding the big bunch of red roses- and tom's standing there looking sexy as hell!!
+ Post (at least) one picture of yourself: oh crap i dont have any on this computer-- theyr still on my digital camera from BLINK 182 last nite.. if i get a chance i;ll post the blinky pix up cuz im in a few of em too ;)


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